Katy Perry's 'Simple' Prism Album Art: Do Fans Like It?

Katy Cats tell MTV News that the 'Roar' singer is peeling back her layers in her latest LP cover.

It's a big week for the Katy Cats. In addition to unleashing her video for "Roar" on Thursday, Katy Perry revealed her lo-fi album cover for Prism on Friday (September 6).

And whereas she's opted for high-concept covers in the past, the Prism image is of just Perry's face, wearing little to no makeup, standing in the glow of the sun.

One fan, Marie from Connecticut, told MTV News about the image for the October 22 release, "I absolutely love that about her. It's like finally she's like unlayering herself and showing us more sides of her and I really love the no makeup thing because, honestly, it's extremely beautiful."

"I liked it compared to the ['Roar'] video," Chris from New York added. "It's not as like colorful and vibrant, but it relates to the concept of Prism and letting light in and she's gonna burst it out on all her fans."

It's a major change in tone for the colorful "Roar" singer. For 2010's Teenage Dream cover, Perry opted for candy chic, appearing naked covered up by cotton-candy pink clouds. And for her previous effort, 2008's One Of The Boys, Katy paid homage to vintage pin-up girls while lounging in a garden and listening to some old records.

"I loved it so much because I don't know, it was just very different from like Teenage Dream when she's just posing like at the camera," Marie added. "I think it's so beautiful and really different and she works it."

This time, it's just Katy, and she's not playing any personas or characters. And her fans love the stripped-down, simple art, shot by famed New York-based photographer, Ryan McGinley, in upstate New York.

"I love it. She looks amazing in there," Tal from Israel said. "It's very simple and very beautiful. That's the way it should be. It shouldn't be too much makeup, too much dress up on it, just simple and beautiful — that's best."