Avicii Describes His 'Straight-Away' Attraction To 'Wake Me Up'

EDM superstar tells the story behind the lead single off True, which is #1 in 63 countries.

Despite all the remarkable achievements 23-year-old Avicii has already attained, no one — not even Tim Bergling himself — could have predicted the contagious worldwide success of "Wake Me Up." The first single off the DJ/Producer's upcoming debut studio album is now #1 in 63 countries and is showing no signs of slowing down.

"Wake Me Up" is the first of its kind from the seasoned producer. After years of critically and commercially acclaimed releases in the electronic genre, Avicii shocked the world when he premiered the track at Ultra Music Festival and became their first EDM act ever to perform with live instruments. Although social media initially exploded with criticism and confusion, over time fans have truly come around to the electronic and country genre crossover.

"This is original, it is soulful and it is EDM," Mario Fernandez said of the track when Avicii announced its official release on Facebook. "It's nice to see a new spin on EDM and on country music," Benjamin Koenig added. "Keep up the musical creativity and the musical exploration and you will continue to explode on the EDM scene."

With the help of Incubus' Mike Einziger and Aloe Blacc, the song that has brought Avicii worldwide success was actually finished inordinately quickly, defying his usually lengthy production method.

"It all started with me and Mike Einziger from Incubus kind of playing around together in his studio in Malibu, and melodically we wrote the whole song, but we hadn't put any words to it," he explained to MTV News. "I was working with Aloe Blacc on another project, and so I called him in and he kind of threw down some lyrics that he had written for something else, and he adapted it to this, and so he was in and out in a couple of hours."

Blacc's role in Avicii's work is no accident, according to the EDM superstar; Blacc is exactly what he was looking for to carry such melodic vocals. "It's something about Aloe's voice, it's kind of Motown and has that very genuine vibe to it, which I really, really love. It caught my attention straight away."

True is slated for release on September 17 containing even more unexpected collaborations, such as Imagine Dragons, Nile Rodgers, Adam Lambert, Mac Davis and Audra Mae.

As for Bergling, he is just along for the ride. "It's amazing to see the journey... you love everything you make, or else you wouldn't make it. There was a lot of thought behind it, but it was a huge surprise to everyone."