Austin Mahone Fails Driving Test... But He's 'A Great Driver'

Despite bragging to MTV News in March, Mahone's having a little trouble getting his license.

It's one of the biggest days in any teenager's life: the day you get your driver's license. Yet, there is one teen who will have to wait a little longer. That's Austin Mahone.

On Wednesday (September 4), the 2013 VMA pre-show performer asked his four million fans on Twitter to wish him luck on his "big day" because, after months of waiting, he was finally going to take his driver's test, but things didn't go as planned.

"I failed...," Mahone tweeted shortly after. "She told me to stop singing in the car.

The driving instructor must have felt bad for Mahone because he was given the chance to take it again.

"Failed again....... ," Mahone tweeted. "I'm so mad."

Luckily his Mahomies were able to cheer him up with fans tweeting their support. "@AustinMahone No, Smile, you can past the test, dont give up!" @StaywithSelena tweeted. Another fan @emy_orozco tweeted, "@AustinMahone don't sing in the car Austin. She probably wasnt paying attention to you driving just your singing cause it's AMAZING."

Even though Mahone can take the test again, we are sure it's very frustrating. Back in March, Mahone, who was a week shy of his 17th birthday, told MTV News that even though he already had his permit, he was eagerly awaiting to become an official licensed driver (he already bought himself a red Range Rover).

"I'm driving right now. I have a permit. I'm 16. I should have a license, but I have a permit," Mahone said. "In Florida, you have to wait an entire year since you got your permit, which is really lame because that's like six months from now."

So what did Mahone think of his driving skills back then? "I'm a great driver," Mahone said. "I hate slow drivers though."

Good luck next time, Austin!

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