Katy Perry And Sleigh Bells: We Found Four Crazy Parallels!

The pop singer and indie band both get punchy with new singles 'Roar' and 'Bitter Rivals.'

Brooklyn noise-pop band Sleigh Bells announced the release of their third record, Bitter Rivals, along with the video for a single by the same name early Tuesday (September 3). That video bears a striking similarity to the new, grittier image embraced by pop princess Katy Perry. Yup, the pop and indie worlds are colliding — not with a whimper but with a bang.

We’re by no means suggesting that either party is biting the other. In fact, Perry and Sleigh Bells have markedly different visions for their upcoming records (Bells’ Bitter Rivals drops on October 8, and Perry’s Prism is slated for October 22). While Perry has been eagerly looking to shed her Teenage Dream persona and sink her talons into the dark side with jams like the “witchy, spell-y kind of black magic-y” “Dark Horse,” Sleigh Bells are looking to step out of the blood-splattered Keds from their previous album cover and go lighter.

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