Lady Gaga's iTunes Mermaid Morph: Four Most Nautical Moments

Mother Monster is getting shellfish at the iTunes Festival so MTV News rounds up her best sea looks.

Judging by her tweets about her upcoming iTunes Festival performance, Lady Gaga is looking to get nautical at the event she's dubbing "Swinefest" in honor of her new ARTPOP track, "Swine."

When Gaga takes the stage on Sunday at the month-long London festival, she will likely play "Swine" and "MANiCURE," two tracks she's teased this week off of her upcoming record, ARTPOP. She will also, very likely, be trussed up like a mermaid of some sort — if her tweets have any veracity.

"I will be providing a list of acceptable attire for #SwineFest throughout the week. Item 1: Seashells. Item 2: Seahorses 3: Starfish," she tweeted Wednesday, followed by, "I would also suggestion [sic] 4. Paint colored dreadlocks for securing 'under the sea' Boticelli-Punk accessories. More fashion updates to come! X."

She also shared a The Little Mermaid gif and a photo of Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus."

Yup, Gaga has gone blue — or, should we say, has gone blue again. This isn't the first time Mother Monster has splashed around in the deep end. Check out our four favorite fin-filled moments below:

Gaga's Blue Blowout

We're pretty sure that Mother Monster wasn't born this way. Back in 2011, Gaga often sported a blue wig, once even complementing her coif with sea-colored underarm tufts and turquoise merkin at the Much Music Awards in Toronto.

Mermaid Mating

During the course of her career, Gaga has cavorted as both a woman and a man (her alter-ego Jo Calderone). She has also stepped out — or rather swam out — as a whole other sex entirely: a mermaid. In her 2011 video for "Yoü and I," the singer appears a mermaid named Yuyi who unsuccessfully try to get it on with a scientist.

When asked in an MTV special about the slippery semi-sex, Gaga called it a metaphor, saying, "Sometimes in love, you can't make it work. No matter what you do, there's this giant boundary between you and someone else. So that's what it's about, perceiving in your imagination that there's something magical inside of you that you can make it work."

Hey, if it worked for Ariel...

She Sports Seashells

Two years after mating with mythology in "Yoü and I," Gaga took to the seas again in her video for the ARTPOP single "Applause," appareled (or un-appareled, rather) as Botticelli's The Birth of Venus in a clamshell bikini and flowing hair.

Venus is supposed to be a goddess who inspired physical and intellectual love in humans, so we guess that's as good a proxy as any for a pop star who demands that people "cheer and scream" for her while subsequently asserting "some of us just like to read."

She Sports Seashells - Pt 2

Mother Monster broke that age-old famous person rule and wore the same thing twice, donning her clam-shell bikini again during her show-opening performance of "Applause" at the 2013 Video Music Awards. After her performance, she declined to change, writhing about in her chair and shaking her shells during 'N Sync's reunion performance.

And it doesn't look like she's ready to say "bye, bye, bye" to the shells any time soon, which leads us to her next look...

Go Fish

Swine, shells and multi-colored dreads — that's all on the horizon this Sunday. We'll just have to tune in to what surfaces (pun intended).