Mark Ronson Almost Missed A Career-Changing Phone Call From Paul McCartney

Ronson lent his producing talents to tracks 'New' and 'Alligator' off of McCartney's upcoming record.

Mark Ronson, who has produced for musicians like Adele, Lil Wayne, Nas, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, lent his producing talents to Paul McCartney’s new, very Beatles-esque single “New,” which dropped late Wednesday ahead of the October 15 album by the same name. In a funny twist of fate, however, one missed phone call could have rewritten history.

Ronson told MTV News that he first started working with McCartney after DJing his wedding to Nancy Shevell two years ago. “He called me to ask me to do it and it was the same weekend of my own wedding and I completely spaced, because I kind of had other sh– like my own wedding on my mind,” Ronson said. “Then on my honeymoon 10 days later, I was like, ’F—! I forgot to call Paul McCartney back, which just sounds like a pretty ridiculous sentence.”

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