Rico Love Looks To Ma$e For Bad Boy Style On Discrete Luxury

'I grew up admiring the Bad Boy era,' Rico tells MTV News about inspiration for his debut EP.

Rico Love is a master at putting himself in other people's shoes. The producer/songwriter has made a lasting impression penning hits for Beyoncé, Usher, Trey Songz and Diddy, but now Rico is ready to embark on a new mission as he sings, raps, writes and produces on his debut EP Discrete Luxury.

With a gift for banging beats, a fine-tuned ear for melody and a surprising knack for rapping, Rico crafts a thought-out five-track ride that offers a little of everything. One of the project's most joyful takeaways is its witty look into the male/female dynamic, which is most exemplified on "Everybody's Girl."

On the song, which details the exploits of a very promiscuous woman, Love injects a light-hearted humor similar to Ma$e and a The College Dropout-era Kanye West. "First of all, a lot of people may not know that Ma$e kind of raised me. Ma$e taught me so much, I sat under him for so long, and he showed me a lot about the game and a lot about music, and I was always a fan," Rico told MTV News on Wednesday. "Me and Puff were always close friends and I grew up admiring the Bad Boy era, looking up to him. It's a natural thing for me to borrow from that sound."

"I bet she/ Got two phones, you be like, 'Do you smile like that when you text me'," he raps before singing: "yeah you love her, but she loves everyone."

"With 'Everybody's Girl,' the bounce that I wanted to use is not consistent with what's going on right now and I think that's the cool part about it," he explained.

While he does admit to tapping into his influences, Rico still manages to be himself and stand among artists who are content with sounding similar. "I wanted to find out who I was and express who I was and with 'Everybody's Girl,' " he said. "I think that was a great example of me borrowing something that was familiar to me and my childhood, but also making it fresh and refreshing and new in 2013 and beyond."