'One Direction: This Is Us' Sequel Stars Zombies And Niall's Nipples?

Director Morgan Spurlock and the guys tell MTV News of their plans for a follow-up.

Directioners flocked to theaters this weekend to see their favorite boy band, One Direction, light up the big screen in "One Direction: This is Us."

The 3-D documentary gives fans an all-access look at what goes on behind-the-scenes during their world tour. The boys get candid talking fame, fans and family as we watch them go from five normal guys to a global phenomenon.

But if you are a Directioner, most likely, you want to see more. MTV News caught up with director Morgan Spurlock at the New York premiere of the flick to find out if a sequel was in the works.

"In 4-D, this one will be in smell-a-vision," Spurlock joked. " 'Cause the boys, they smell like unicorns and rainbows, you can't see that in the movie."

All kidding aside, Spurlock admits that if the film does take off that "anything is possible," but if they do decide to go forward with a sequel, which could possibly follow the boy band on their upcoming Where We Are world tour, they would have to shake things up.

"I feel like this film you get access you get intimacy," Spurlock said. "I think the next film if we end up doing another one would be a very different process and a very different project."

Well, if Spurlock needs any ideas for this "different" project, he should look no further than the stars of the movie themselves, who have clearly thought about how they can take the sequel to the next level.

"We want to do a spoof version," Liam Payne said. "Like a zombie version, 'That Wasn't Us.' "

But there's one more element they'd like to feature in the sequel, which Louis Tomlinson felt didn't get enough shine in "This is Us."

"More of Niall's nips," Louis said. "And definitely some more American and Australian tour stuff 'cause we didn't have the time to film that."

Payne added, "A zombie film that will start in Australia with Niall's zombie nips."