Lady Gaga Gets A 'Manicure' In New Rehearsal Footage

Ahead of her iTunes Fest show, Gaga unveils another ARTPOP track ... and once again, it rocks.

Lately, Lady Gaga has been getting her rocks off.

Earlier this week, she posted rehearsal footage of a new ARTPOP track called "Swine," which features a driving, industrial groove, some classic-rock inspired guitars and, of course, Gaga smashing and bashing away on a stripped-down drum kit. Needless to say, it rocked way harder than anything else in her arsenal.

But now, she's released another rehearsal clip — she's set to perform at London's iconic Roundhouse on Sunday as part of iTunes Music Festival (her performance will also be streamed live to fans around the world) — this one for a song called "Manicure," and, with its booming, bad-ass backbeat and crunching chords, it rocks pretty hard too (it also sounds a lot like Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" ... or Grace Potter's "Paris," for that matter).

And based on the rehearsal footage, Gaga is channeling their swagger too. First, her dancers strap a pair of towering, sparkly heels on her feet, and then, as her band kicks in behind her, LG struts and pouts, thrusts her first in the air, and clutches the mic like she's trying to choke the life out of it. To be honest, we're not entirely sure what she's singing ... though that's precisely the point, as Gaga took to Twitter to let fans know the sound quality of the rehearsal clips "has been obstructed to give you a taste of ARTPOP but ultimately confuse you until Sunday."

Consider us confused then. Of course, Gaga also tweeted the lyrics to "Manicure," which with lines like "You're the medicine I need to heal/The way you make me feel," and "Heal me, 'cause I'm addicted to love (Man-cure)/Save me 'cause I'm addicted to love (Man-i-cure)" seems to suggest that her paramour is both her problem and her panacea. What will she reveal on Sunday? We can't wait to find out ... and we bet it'll rock.