Lady Gaga Planted A 'Forest' Of 'Fun' Songs In ARTPOP

Producer DJ White Shadow opens up to MTV News about the November 11 release ahead of the iTunes Fest this weekend.

Put your hands up! Lady Gaga's November 11 album release, ARTPOP is getting closer and closer to its release. And this weekend she's slated to preview tracks during the iTunes Festival.

Before she takes the stage on September 1, she's already teased the track "Swine," in addition to dropping the latest single "Applause," (which she also performed at the VMAs last Sunday).

Ahead of Gaga's performance at the iTunes Fest, MTV News spoke to ARTPOP producer, DJ White Shadow, who revealed what it's been like to work on this release, her follow-up to 2011's Born This Way.

"We didn't make 15 trees; we made a forest. She's writing every single song, so they're coming from her," he said, sharing, "It was less than a week that she had hit me [after Born This Way]... and she literally sent me [the note] 'The next album's called ARTPOP.' She had the name and the general concept for the record a week after Born This Way came out."

In the two years-plus since that album's release, Gaga has been through a lot, including having to cancel her Born This Way tour to recover from hip surgery. And if fans are wondering how Gaga has grown on this next album release, White Shadow explained, "It's just another step on the ladder, it's another step forward. It's different, it's a different record. We didn't sit down and say 'ARTPOP has to be this.' It's like that's how she's feeling at the time. I think it's a really fun album. There's really fun stuff on there."

Among that fun stuff is a collaboration with rapper Too $hort, but if you ask White Shadow anything about that long-rumored collaboration with Beyoncé, he doesn't know a thing. "I don't know about that. I definitely didn't have anything to do with it if that happened," he said. He also wasn't sure if previously teased tracks like "Cake" or "Princess Die" will also make the final cut. He said, "I will tell you there's still a lot of questions she has to answer before I can answer them."

Whatever does end up making the album, White Shadow is just excited to see how she brings it to life onstage. "I am excited for to be able to perform a bunch of new songs. Her concerts are always so fun and this music is so fun," he said. "I just know the performances are so fun. I'm just looking forward to the next tour. It's going to be a cool tour."