Kevin And Danielle Jonas Reveal Baby's Sex

The 'Married to Jonas' couple tell their fans they're having a girl on a special live stream.

After a scheduled announcement made on the Jonas Brothers' mobile app failed, Kevin and Danielle Jonas took to UStream to reveal the sex of their baby. And though fans had to wait a little longer after a reported app crash, the news is out: It's a girl!

Kevin and Danielle opened a special cardboard box on their live stream, letting pink balloons loose into their kitchen.

The couple had shouted their baby joy to the world on Twitter on July 9, saying, "It's true @daniellejonas is pregnant!" Jonas tweeted. "can't even imagine how excited we are I can't wait to share this with my best friend. I love you baby."

After getting married in 2009, the couple jumpstarted their reality show, "Married to Jonas," to document their lives as newlyweds.

While waiting for the announcement, fans speculated on the baby's sex.

@beholdmyheart said, "if jonas baby is a girl im going to die of happiness.. just imagine Kevin holding a little girl dressed in a pink little dress."

"i hope the baby jonas is a girl omg," @bieberstrouble said. @HeyImMorgan said, "I'm waiting to know if baby Jonas is a boy or a girl. It's been 84 years. HAHAHAHAHA."

But the sex was finally revealed, and Jonas Brothers fans went wild.