One Direction's 'This Is Us': Behind The Movie's Goofiest Scenes

Director Morgan Spurlock opens up to MTV News about capturing the light-hearted side of the band.

One Direction, often sans shirt, hit a theater near you this weekend in their 3-D flick, "One Direction: This Is Us". The film follows the boy band around the globe as they travel the world on their Take Me Home tour. And, while there are many tears shed in the flick, there are also a few laughs as well.


For fans who stick around right through the end credits, they are treated to a LOL-worthy montage of the guys at their goofiest. During the end credits, each of the fellas don various costumes (old men, fat suits), as they try to fool unsuspecting pedestrians. At one point, one of the guys even asks for "free hugs" while in disguise, with very few people biting at the opportunity.

Eventually, the bandmates reveal themselves in each of the pranks, much to the delight of the folks they were fooling. The disguises pay homage to an earlier prank, where Niall Horan dresses like a security guard at a 1D show and complains, a lot, to the young ladies in the crowd. Morgan Spurlock explained to MTV News about including both sides, the comedy and the drama, of the 1D coin.

Laugh Your Pants Off!

The prank sequences in the film definitely show off the fun side of the guys, who play tricks on each other, fans and their inner circle as a way of blowing off steam.

"That was important for me. They have such a great, fun-loving attitude, and you really want to see that shine through, but at the same they are running a business. These are five guys who they vote on everything that's happening in the band," Spurlock explained. "So I wanted you to see the balance that they deal with a lot of the stress of their job and this career that they have by goofing off and messing with each other or security or the people in their road family. To have that balance is important to them and it was really important for this film."

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Weight Of The World

Spurlock noted that he hoped the film would also shed a light on how hard the 1D guys work when they aren't wearing disguises or pantsing each other on stage. He said, "They are young guys. When I think about what I was doing at 19 to 21, it was not traveling world with a lot of responsibility."

He added, "I think what a lot of people don't realize when you're in a band like this how much work goes into being in a band like One Direction. It is nonstop. They are go, go, going all the time. I think people love to think they wake up, they go onstage, they get paid millions of dollars and go home. And it's not that easy."

Break Out The Tissues!

Sure, there are lots of laughs. But, there's also a lot of heart in the film. Spurlock noted that even he's teared up while making the flick.

"I've seen that film a 100 some times and there's four places I tear up almost every single time I watch it," he said, before adding, "When they're home and Liam's dad is talking is one. The girl during 'Little Things' at the concert [is two]. Zayn and his mom [when he buys her a house is three.] And then Mexico City [and the big gig they play there is four]."