Justin Timberlake Brings VMA Frenzy To New Jersey To 'Take Back The Night'

VMA winner heads to Maxwell's in Hoboken to shoot a 20/20 Experience commercial with 150 lucky fans.

How do you follow up a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard win at the VMAs? Well, if you're Justin Timberlake, you head to New Jersey and get your groove on.

Late Wednesday, Timberlake headed out to Maxwell's, which officially closed its doors last month, to perform his lead The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2 single "Take Back the Night." News of the impromptu performance, which will be featured in a Target commercial, was first announced by the star on his Twitter account shortly before he hit the stage.

According to NJ.com, within minutes of the tweet, thousands of fans lined up outside the venue, spilling into the streets of Hoboken. Wife Jessica Biel was also spotted near the gig. Earlier in the evening Timberlake was snapped by fans walking through Hoboken to get into the now-defunct club where he took the stage.

Timberlake may have only performed one tune for the lucky few who got into the secret gig, but according to E! News, he ran through the track twice.

Earlier this week, Timberlake opened up to MTV News about his next album, out September 30, sharing why he split up the 20/20 Experience into two parts. "I had to figure out how to do a song, like a track list for two halves, versus just one big experience. Honestly, I just kind of thought of it like fashion," said the singer, who is also the co-founder of the William Rast fashion line. "If there's a March release, then this is going to be my Spring/Summer collection. These are going to be all the songs that I feel like I'd want to hear in the summertime. And then the second half is a little bit darker."

VMA Video of the Year winner, Timberlake, also performed "Take Back the Night" last Sunday at the VMAs. It served as the opening number to his sprawling Video Vanguard set, which also featured a reunion performance from 'NYSNC.

"I liked being there for my friend and I liked seeing everybody have a good time," JC Chasez told MTV News about the reunion gig. "When your friend says, 'Hey, man, I'd love to do this with you,' I'm happy to do it."