Katy Perry Used To Be Her 'Biggest Bully' Before 'Roar'

Perry tells MTV News that Prism is all about 'standing up for yourself.'

Katy Perry was ready to rumble when she released her new single, "Roar," but her battle wasn't against any other artists, it was against her toughest opponent, herself.

"I started the record in November, but things were really flowing by the spring and it's a song about standing up for yourself," Perry told MTV News. "Who can be the biggest bully in the equation is yourself and can get in your way and it's a song about speaking up for yourself and having the strength."

Perry showed off that strength as she had the "last word," closing out the 2013 Video Music Awards with a knock-out performance of "Roar" under the Brooklyn Bridge.

On Monday (August 26) Perry revealed a short teaser for the video, which is the lead single off her upcoming album Prism. The clip features the singer channeling Jane of the Jungle as she's seen swinging through trees and vines, while wearing a leopard bikini top and grass skirt.

Perry, who revealed she wrote the song back in March, is following up her hugely successful album, Teenage Dream, which gave Perry five number one singles. Yet, it seems as if Perry is picking up right where she left off with "Roar" giving her the biggest digital song sales of her career.

"You can never be too sure because it doesn't always work out like that," Perry said when asked if she thought "Roar" would be just as successful as her previous efforts. "But for me I've always kind of gone with my intuitive feeling — if something really moves me, if I get those goosebumps or chicken pox, if I get those then I know it struck a chord in me."