Jake Gyllenhaal Lays Down The Law In Exclusive 'Prisoners' Clip

Gyllenhaal takes the lead as a tough detective in this fall's new thrilling crime film, co-starring Hugh Jackman.

Parents would do anything to get their kidnapped child back, and director Denis Villeneuve's "Prisoners" shows that "anything" could even encompass giving up one's soul. In the film, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a detective who finds himself at odds with Hugh Jackman, a father named Keller Dover whose daughter and her best friend were ripped out of their families' lives on Thanksgiving. But the horrific crime isn't without a suspect, a creepy looking mystery man played by "There Will Be Blood's" Paul Dano.

Dano and Gyllenhaal come face to face in this rain-soaked exclusive clip, as "Prisoners" takes part in MTV News' Fall Movie Preview. The film opens on September 20, but you can get your first piece of the drama right now.

Dano's no stranger to playing intense characters, and his startled Alex Jones makes an impression in this clip despite leaving all the talking to Gyllenhaal's determined Detective Loki. But there's more to Jones than meets the eye, and when the kidnapping charges don't stick, Keller Dover takes matters — and Jones' life — into his own hands.

Maria Bello co-stars as Jackman's wife, with Terence Howard and Viola Davis rounding out the cast as the parents of fellow kidnapping victim. The film comes from Canadian film director Denis Villeneuve, who will debut "Prisoners" at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival in early September prior to its wide release.

"Prisoners" opens in theaters everywhere later this year.

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