Miley Cyrus Hits ’23’ Set, And Brings Her VMA Foam Finger With Her

Just one day after her jaw-dropping performance, Miley was right back to work for the Mike Will Made It track.

Just 24 hours after taking the stage for what became the buzziest performance of the 2013 VMAs , Miley Cyrus hit up the video set for Mike Will Made It’s “23.” And it appears she brought along a prop from the shocking performance along to the video shoot: her foam finger.

The “We Can’t Stop” singer was on set late into the night, sporting black, white and red alongside Mike Will, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa. Miley was photographed in two outfits: white biker shorts under a black thong with a red sports bra, as well as Michael Jordan’s famous Chicago Bulls jersey cut into a bikini-type outfit, putting his #23 on full display.

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In addition to taking photos with Wiz, Mike and Juicy, Miley also shared a photo of herself wearing the now “infamous” foam hand she rocked on stage at the VMAs. No word on if it will make into the final cut of the video.

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