Miley Hugged Up On Who? Behind The Scenes At The VMAs

Gaga gets wild, Kanye cuts loose and Bruno kisses Taylor: The VMAs you didn't see!

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards provided us with plenty of memorable on-screen moments — Miley , we’re looking at you — but, as is often the case with a show this massive, some of the best moments actually happen off camera, when the stars let their guard down and prove that, yes, they’re just like you and I (except for Gaga, of course … she’s basically from another dimension entirely).

As luck would have it, MTV News had reporters stashed all over Brooklyn on Sunday night, from the red carpet corner of Dean Street and Sixth Ave to the very VIP Vault hidden deep beneath Barclays Center, where the night’s biggest acts kicked back, relaxed and drank from an open bar (beer, wine and champagne only). Seriously, if a star stepped off stage, ducked around a corner, or even tried to hide in a dressing room, our intrepid team of writers was there, and now, we’ve compiled their notes to bring you the behind-the-scenes moments that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

This is the VMAs You Didn’t See.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis got a chance to congratulate Kanye West after his performance of “Blood on the Leaves.” “Thanks for setting the bar, as an artist, bro. I appreciate it,” Macklemore told ’Ye, bringing him in for a hug. Lewis and “Same Love” singer met West too, shaking hands and embracing as they passed in the hallway.

Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus certainly dominated discussions following the show, but, from the moment they rolled onto the red carpet (and we do mean rolled), they let it be known that the VMAs were definitely their show. Gaga arrived in the back of a vintage Rolls Royce, one that was supposed to stop feet before the carpet began … only the Mother Monster decided she was going to step out in style, and had her driver take the luxury car onto the carpet, no matter what security said. Miley did much the same; she was scheduled to arrive straddling the hood of a 1950s police cruiser, though, for reasons apparent only to her, her black Escalade drove right past it, sending security scurrying as they parked on the carpet. Like her song says, it’s her party, and she can do what she wants.

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