'Breaking Bad': What Last Night's Episode Tells Us About The End

'Confessions' was a busy, gut-wrenching hour of television with lots of hints about where we're headed.

Well, that was intense.

We're three-eighths of the way through the final episodes of "Breaking Bad," and it's pretty safe to assume that a good portion of the audience suffered an embolism from the gut-wrenching hour that was "Confessions."

If Vince Gilligan and company are making one thing clear with these final episodes, it's that every minute is going to count in getting us to the finale and learning the fates of Walter, Jesse, and just about everyone else. "Confessions," in particular, gave us a few clues about where we're headed.

The End of Hank?

You thought Walter was going to confess on camera, didn't you? In what has to be considered one of the best "Breaking Bad" twists ever, Walter used his would-be taped confession — another reference to the pilot, by the way — as a platform through which to blackmail his brother-in-law to not proceed with the investigation. The revelation that Marie accepted cash from Walt and Skylar to fund Hank's rehab was "the nail in the coffin" for Hank Schrader, and the only person who could possibly save his crusader to bring Heisenberg to justice just flew off the rails.

Jesse Versus Walter

That's right. Jesse Pinkman. Though he wouldn't cooperate with Hank in the interrogation room, something tells us that he might be a little more willing to testify, but that doesn't appear to be the route Jesse is taking right now. By the end of the episode, it was pretty clear that he has decided on the "Let's burn down the White family house" solution.

The mystery of Brock's poisoning was one of several hanging threats to Walt's safety, and there may not be a worse one to fall squarely on top of him. There is no winning Jesse back now, no matter how much Walt "works" him. Heisenberg's most despicable act is now out in the open for the one person who was hurt the most — besides Brock, of course.

We know from the flash forwards that Jesse doesn't succeed in burning down Walt's house, but that doesn't eliminate the possibility that he's the one who metaphorically reduces the home to ashes. Walt Jr. made it pretty clear that he had no intentions of leaving home. If he's in the house when Jesse bursts in, you can bet that Mr. Pinkman would have no qualms about outing his dad as a poisoner of children.

Todd and Friends

Yeah, they're definitely up to no good. Todd, his uncle Jack, and their buddy now stand as a potential threat to pretty much everyone. They demonstrated their capacity for Old West-style violence in last week's episode, and now they're getting ready to jump back into the meth business. Todd called Walter to give him the heads-up that things didn't go well with Declan, but there may have been another reason behind the call. Walter is still the best cook in the region, and now the pressure is squarely on Todd to deliver. Does Todd doubt his own cooking abilities? Will he turn to Walter out of desperation?

These guys are very much a part of where things are headed. We've just yet to see how they fit in, but it's a safe bet to wager that it won't be pleasant.