Miley Cyrus: Go Behind Her Ass-Shaking, VMA-Dominating Night

Cyrus performed, made a fashion splash and got everyone talking about her VMA debut on Sunday night.

When you're the new kid at the VMAs, typically you do your best and hope not to get overshadowed by all the superstars. But even though Sunday night was ex-Disney star Miley Cyrus' performance debut on the show, the twerk-happy singer grabbed the spotlight like a seasoned veteran.

In addition to backing it up
 into Robin Thicke during a medley of their songs, Miley twisted necks with her barely-there vinyl outfit and a roaming foam finger
 that would not cooperate.

Before the tongue really got working during "We Can't Stop," Cyrus hit the red carpet in a bedazzled half-shirt outfit with baby hair buns and boldly declared that she might top the infamous Britney Spears-Madonna-Christina Aguilera triple-kiss with Sunday night's giant-bear-assisted extravaganza. "We've got better in store for you guys, it's going be even crazier than the kiss," she predicted

Making the most of her time in the VMA spotlight, Cyrus also revealed the cover of her upcoming album, Bangerz
 and dropped a provocative new ballad, "Wrecking Ball."

Miley got some love from one of her new hip-hop peers as well, with rapper Trinidad Jame$ tweeting, "Miley is turnt! My [n---a.]"

And Twitter user Luca posted a classic picture of Will Smith and his family reacting to Cyrus' performance with what can only be described as a combination of surprise and, well, even more surprise.