'NSYNC Reunites At The VMAs, Internet Explodes

When Justin Timberlake's former group assembled in full at MTV Video Music Awards, even celebrities were 'jumping up and down.'

The MTV Video Music Awards might be one of the biggest nights in music, but there's only so much room in Brooklyn's 18,000-capacity Barclays Center, where the show took place. Inevitably, most of us were left watching — and tweeting — from our couches. And all the better, we say, if we get to retweet and favorite to our hearts' content.

We couldn't refresh our timelines fast enough, especially when the boys of 'NSYNC rose out of the stage to join Justin Timberlake for a surprise reunion while he performed before accepting the 2013 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

It seems 140 characters weren't quite enough to express the sentiment (and, in some cases, snark) that Twitter users felt while watching the boy band reunite in Brooklyn.

Kelly Osbourne displayed surprising enthusiasm for the reunion, despite having been in peak sullen, eyeliner-wearing teen form when the group was in their heyday, tweeting, "Im jumping up and down in my bed room like Im in Junior High again!"

For Paramore singer Hayley Williams, the performance was evidently one of the best parts of her life. "The only part that matters (at the VMAS and all of life) just happened. @NSYNC, come back anytime," she tweeted.

Snooki didn't even need 140 characters to express her sentiments: "OMG DYING!! Now THAT'S A BOY BAND BITCHES!!! NSYNC" Her "Snooki and JWoww" co-star, Jenni Farley, seemed to agree, tweeting, "I literally just died seeing Nsync....I'm so happy im in tears."

Some celebs, like superfan/TV host Ross Mathews, have been asking for this performance on Sundays: "PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!!!!! #NSYNC #VMAs" he tweeted.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and fan @ItsThingsInLife seems to have embraced the aphorism fully, posting this pic, "Me during Justin Timberlake's performance."

Photos: Justin Timberlake's Big Night

Sometimes, all it takes for a trend to begin is someone starting the ball rolling. Fan @ThaiScott_11 tweeted about another group he hoped would get back together: The kids of Degrassi High. "So Justin Timberlake reunited with NSYNC. Now its time for Drake to reunite with the crew from Degrassi..." he tweeted.

Some comparisons to another recent highly publicized reunion were raised, with some wondering whether the group's other members were overshadowed. "NSYNC 'reunion' reminded me of Destiny's Child/Super Bowl: 'Just come wiggle for 60 seconds with the one we're celebrating, okay?'" @fuggirls said, while Logo's Louis Virtel added, "The rest of *NSYNC just fell into a dungeon where Kelly Rowland is the doorman."

Actress Emma Bell, though only 26 years old, remembered her (even) younger years as a fan, tweeting, "12 year old me is going cray cray over the NSYNC REUNION!!!!!"

Even being married to someone like Channing Tatum doesn't make you immune to the charms of 'NSYNC. Jenna DeWan-Tatum, who would certainly know, tweeted, "Oh that nsync reunion just made me so happy...and dear Lord Justin just killed that performance #dropthemike."

No pants are safe when 'NSYNC pulls out their signature "Bye Bye Bye" moves. "So You Think You Can Dance" star Amelia Lowe fell prey to the bladder-busting charms, tweeting, "So I may or may not have just rewatched Justin Timberlake's performance at the VMAs..and I may or may not have peed my pants. #NSYNC."

Some among us felt compelled to point out the sheer bananas amount of crazy that was going on onstage, like Mindy Kaling, who tweeted, "This Timberlake medley is too much for me for me to handle, too much stimulation."

Of course, the five on that stage didn't get there on their own. @kalkutta tweeted about those first fans in their lives, saying, "just a friendly reminder that justin timberlake's mom has been to more of these shows than you."

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