Katy Perry Feeling 'Tough, Ready To Rumble' For VMA Finale

Singer demos her 'Roar' on 2013 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet.

If you've been near a radio in the past few weeks, you've already heard her roar — and now it's time to hear what Katy Perry has to say. The "Roar" songstress herself is set to close out tonight's 2013 MTV Video Music Awards with an epic performance in a mystery Brooklyn location, but before she could head out under the cover of darkness, she stopped by the red carpet outside Brooklyn's Barclays Center to say hello.

Wearing a skintight leopard-print dress with long sleeves, a turtleneck, a daringly high thigh slit and, in the offbeat touch we've come to expect from Perry, gold-leaf dragonflies adorning her sternum, the singer caught up with MTV News' Sway Calloway to chat about her new album.

"I'm feeling very prismatic," Perry said, referencing the title of her upcoming album, Prism. Late last month, she announced the album's title and Octocter 22 release date in a manner far from subtle: The title and date were emblazoned on the side of a gold-plated semi truck the length of three storefronts, driving through the streets of Los Angeles.

Perry took a fan question from Twitter asking her to find three words to describe her show-closing performance. A trio, however, just wasn't enough for Perry.

"I just have a sentence if that's OK," she replied. "I know you want more anyway. Rough, tough and ready to rumble."

She also demonstrated her own roar for our cameras, saying, "That probably wasn't good for my voice."