Macklemore Might Sell KAWS Moonman To Drake -- For A Price

VMA nominees Mack & Ryan Lewis name their price after Drake says he'll buy a statue from the duo if he has to.

BROOKLYN, New York — So how much is a KAWS Moonman worth? We here at MTV happen to think a Video Music Award is priceless, but if Drake was serious about buying one of the special edition statues off of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, he's going to have to fork over some serious cake.

Now, of course there's a chance that Drizzy will walk away with an award of his own at the 2013 VMAs — after all October's Very Own walked away with the award for Best Hip-Hop Video last year. But just in case he loses the prize to Macklemore, Drake is formulating a contingency plan.

"I need the trophy for my house, period — even if somebody else gets one I might buy it off them," Drake told us on Friday of the KAWS design. "I might have to tell Macklemore like, 'Yo, I'll buy that trophy off of you,' if he beats me."

Unfortunately for Drake, Macklemore knows his worth. "$200 million dollars, $200 million Canadian dollars," the "Thrift Shop" rapper said, throwing out his price point with a hint of Dr. Evil in his voice.

Ryan drove an even harder bargain, saying he would want the loot in gold-colored Canadian coins. "200 million loonies," the producer chimed in.

On Sunday night (August 25), Macklemore & Ryan Lewis as well as Drake will take the stage to perform live from Brooklyn's Barclay's Center. Both acts could possibly walk away with some hardware, as Mack and Ryan are nominated in six categories while Drizzy's "Started From the Bottom" earned two nods.

"It's just a great moment. 'Started From the Bottom,' first song off Nothing was the Same. I directed the video, crazy video, a lot of fun," Drake told us. "I had my cousin and Obi in there making people laugh. It was just all my vision from the get-go, so to win for that video would be like the greatest thing ever."