One Direction Director Remembers A Phone Call About Justin Bieber

Morgan Spurlock talks to MTV News about almost directing 'Never Say Never.'

Long before Morgan Spurlock got behind the lens to direct "One Direction: This Is Us," two other pop stars reached out to the "Super Size Me" director to put his expert spin on their lives.

When Spurlock sat down on the VMA All Access Live Stream, he explained the journey it took to get to work with One Direction, who are slated to appear at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

While he said he's "always" wanted to direct a film about a musical artist — he listed the Rolling Stones' "Let' Spend the Night Together" and Pink Floyd's "The Wall" as inspirations — it took a while to find the perfect opportunity.

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And it took a while for it to all work out. Three years ago, Spurlock told us, Paramount called him about possibly directing Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never." Unfortunately, there was "no way" he could do it, since he was busy working on "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold."

"Then last January I got called again. They said, 'Hey would you want to come meet with the studio about the Katy Perry film [2012's 'Part of Me'].' And at that point I was finishing two movies, both 'Mansome' and 'Comic-Con: Episode IV,' so there was no way I can add a third," he said. "So then comes June last year. I had finished both movies. I had nothing. Sony called and said 'Hey, ever hear of One Direction?' [I said,] 'Yes, I have and I'm there. Yes! I am not letting another opportunity like this pass.' "

Before the movie hits theaters Friday, One Direction will appear at the VMAs, where they're up for Best Song of the Summer for their single "Best Song Ever." They are currently ahead in the competition, with Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" trailing behind at #2. The show goes live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PM.