One Direction 'This Is Us': Where'd Their Girlfriends Go?

Director Morgan Spurlock tells MTV News why 'This is Us' doesn't include the guys' love lives.

As promised, there is no room for romance in the upcoming One Direction documentary, "One Direction: This Is Us." Director Morgan Spurlock previously stated that the Harry Styles/Taylor Swift relationship wouldn't make it into the film, out August 30, and in fact, none of the members' romantic relationships are featured in the flick.

Spurlock opened up to MTV News about his decision to omit that aspect of their personal lives, but instead focus on their hectic careers and familial relationships.

"I made it a point to leave relationships out of the film. They're young men and from the very beginning I said I don't really want to have their girlfriends/relationships be in the movie 'cause god forbid in the middle of this shooting, somebody breaks up with a girlfriend," he explained. "And now I've got a story point that really isn't a story point; it doesn't really matter."

Spurlock revealed that that was the case for one of the guys, Liam Payne, who ended a relationship with longtime girlfriend Danielle Peazer in the midst of making the 3-D doc/concert film.

"And, in fact, over the course of us shooting that happened to Liam," Spurlock recalled. "Like Liam broke up with a girl he was dating over the course of this. I think the story Liam tells about relationships is a much better story.

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"Like in the film he's got a great line where he's like 'I just want to make sure somebody appreciates me for me, that's it's not all about this.' For me, that's a much more important story for a kid. He's a young man who's world-famous and has more money than he can ever spend, now suddenly to have someone judge you just for you and not because of that is borderline is impossible."

Before the movie hits theaters on August 30, 1D is slated to appear at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. 1D is up for Best Song of the Summer for their single "Best Song Ever" at the VMAs. They are currently ahead in the competition, with Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" trailing behind. The show goes live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center at 9 p.m. ET/PT.