This Year's VMA Performers Are Huge. But How Huge?

The 2013 VMA performers get broken down by the numbers.

If you're performing at the VMAs it's because you're massive. But the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards has gathered a group of A-listers that kill the game in every category imaginable.

Their numbers are so gaudy we thought we'd break them down for you in advance of Sunday night's big show. How many Grammys and VMAs have Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Drake, Robin Thicke, Kanye West, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Bruno Mars won and how many albums have they sold?

Check out the mind-blowing figures below.

406,229,386: Combined number of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers for all nine of our VMA performers.

51,275,000: Our headliners have sold a few albums. Actually, a lot of albums, like, nearly 52 million in the United States alone, if you count all their solo efforts to date. That's a lot of platinum.

55.5: Percentage of our performers who are either dating (West, Perry), engaged to (Miley) or married to (Timberlake, Thicke) another celebrity.

36: Total number of Moonmen won by our 2013 performers.

13: Number of that total taken home by Gaga, thanks to her 13, all of which have come since 2009.

34: Total number of Grammys won.

21: Number (out of the 34) won by Kanye West.

5: Acts that have a cleverly named fan groups, including Perry's Katycats, Gaga's Monsters, Cyrus' Smilers, Mars' Hooligans and Macklemore and Lewis' Shark Face Gang.

1/3: Fraction of performers who have worked with Pharrell Williams over the past year.

2: Ones with famous dads. (Shout out to Billy Ray and Alan!)

1: Number of this year's performers who will let you finish, BUT.....