What Will Miley Cyrus Lick Next?

VMA nominee Miley Cyrus has licked everything from Moonmen to the air.

Every celeb has their patented photo pose. Miley Cyrus' just happens to be a bit more revealing than most — in that we can see all the way to her uvula. Yup, Miley has a penchant for licking stuff and, to be honest, we're about to diagnose a serious case of pica up in here.

Licking stuff doesn't seem to be a new affectation for Miley — unlike twerking — we've been amply familiar with the pop star's taste buds since and maybe even before 2008, when a series of tongue-baring snaps from the set of "Hannah Montana: The Movie" turned up. We also saw Cyrus getting down and dirty with a novelty cake presented to fiancé Liam Hemsworth last year — an image we have yet to eradicate from our brainpans.

Still, as the 2013 Video Music Awards creeps nearer (1 more day!), so has Miley's tongue — to everything from dolls to our reporters' faces. Perhaps she's just warming up for her performance at the event, where it's highly likely she'll out-Britney and Madonna, well, Britney and Madonna, by tangling tongues with...[insert inanimate object here].

In preparation for that sure-to-be fateful night, let's take a look back at all the things Miley has licked of late.

Christina Gaibaldi

In our exclusive interview with Miley during VMA All Access, Cyrus moved on to animate objects when she tried to lick our reporter Christina Garibaldi. We'll just leave this here as a warning to all other newsy folks who plan to brave the red carpet on Sunday.

The Air

In her VMA-nominated video "We Can't Stop," Miley just can't stop licking the air. In fact, the video ends with Cyrus and a gaggle of friends lapping at oxygen like a passel of happy dogs. While dogs feel compelled to kiss the sky in order to regulate their temperature or track a scent, Miley's atmospheric tonguing seems more recreational than functional. Unless, of course, all that twerking has taken its toll.

15 Ratchet Pics And GIFs Of Miley With Her Tongue Out

A Doll

In the same vid, Cyrus also locks lips with a nearly life-sized doll while bobbing in a pool. We never knew CPR required so much tongue, Miley.

A Giant Bear

We all practiced our kissing skills on our teddy bears, right? OK, maybe that's just Miley.


Here's Miley doing that whole "I licked it so it's mine" thing with the VMA Moonman.

Cyrus is up for Best Female Video, Best Editing and brand-new category Best Song of the Summer for her party anthem, "We Can't Stop." Tune in tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET to see which awards she takes home — and what, inevitably, she slathers in saliva.