Robin Thicke Throws Sexiest Half-Time Show Ever In 'Give It 2 U' Video

Thicke debuted his new video on Friday (August 23), just two days before he's set to perform at Sunday's 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Sexy female football players, mini monster trucks, barely-there bikinis, giant jars of caviar, a cotton candy-covered dancer and verses from Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz. Oh, and Robin Thicke taking his shirt off for a change.

Add it all up and you have VMA-nominated Thicke's latest dose of irresistible eye candy: "Give It 2 U." On the eve of his performance at Sunday's 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Thicke sat down with MTV News' Sway Calloway to debut the clip for his second single from Blurred Lines on MTV's All Access Live Experience, sharing the story behind the video and revealing that his son is the real star.

And if you thought "Blurred Lines" was a party out of control, well, Thicke has definitely upped his game for the sequel. Imagine the sexiest halftime show ever and you'll get a flavor of what Thicke and director Diane Martel have cooked up for an encore.

It opens with a spirit squad taking the field, along with the aforementioned shirtless Thicke, flanked by a woman covered in bags of cotton candy and tiny parade floats. In addition to The Stingettes, Alabama State University's dance team, Thicke and wife Paula Patton's son, Julian Fuego, shows off his fancy dancemoves at mid-field, proving that it's definitely all in the genes.

From there you see, in quick succession: Thicke grabbing a taste of cotton candy, a naked guy dancing through the frame, giant dancing rolls of $100 bills and champagne bottles, more cheerleaders and additional mini floats with after-hours themes.

By the time 2 Chainz makes the scene, his verse unfolds in front of what the on-screen wording alerts us is a giant "Ass Float." It is, in fact, a paper mache woman's rear barely covered by a thong with two giant chains draped over it and dancing football girls accompanying Chainz as he marches toward the end zone.

Kendrick makes the scene driving a tiny monster truck, with a bikini-clad passenger holding on for dear life as he races other mini Bigfoot's across the yard markers. Considering that Thicke has revealed that cognac maker Remy Martin paid for the "Lines" video, it just makes sense that at one point Robin pours himself a bit of brown as he catches his breath after all that gridiron work.

The party winds down with Thicke sporting a white and black-striped referee-style suit and golden whistle and taking bites of giant caviar. Because, why not? All in all, pretty much what you'd expect from a guy who put the fun back into music videos with the "Lines" clip earlier this year.

Robin's Dad Alan Thicke Has A VMA Message For His Son.

The video was recently shot on a sunny football field in Los Angeles and our MTV News cameras caught Thicke during the filming, where he had high praise for director Martel.

"The thing about Diane Martel that makes it so amazing — besides just being a crazy genius — is that she combines all different parts of the world into one soup," he said. "She takes the cotton candy, she takes the beautiful football-playing girls and she mixes it all up into onebeautiful pot. So we're all very lucky to have her and excited to be working with her again."