Nitty Scott Shows Us 'How We Do' In Brooklyn

'Lyrically you have to be nice. Biggie, Jay ... we got too many greats coming out of here to kind of not embody that lyricism,' Nitty Scott says of her fellow BK MCs.

Don't let Nitty Scott MC's "Flower Child" video fool you. In the clip, which dropped in June, Nitty floats barefoot through Brooklyn in a flowing white dress with a string of lilies wrapped around her head like a crown. Yes, Scott is all woman, but she's from BK, and she's a beast on the mic.

Before MTV takes the 2013 Video Music Awards to the Barclays Center on Sunday, August 25, we hit the streets of Brooklyn to soak up some culture from the borough's emerging hip-hop talent, like eXquire and Troy Ave. Every day this week, we've spotlighted a brand-new artist for our Brooklyn Hip-Hop Week, and Nitty Scott MC is next up.

Where I'm From

"The borough of Brooklyn is raw, lively, full of struggle, but it's full of so much hope and heart as well. So this is Flatbush — you can get your hair braided, catch a taxi and pawn your jewelry all on one block, 'cause that's how we do in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Influencers

"Mos Def, he's just so poetic and he's melodic as well. I consider myself kind of a melodic rapper, where you can sing some of the bars, and Mos is definitely one of those dudes, where he don't sing but he'll sing. [Then the Notorious B.I.G.] of course. I'll listen to a Big record and I don't feel like a character that he's falling into or anything like that."

The Brooklyn MC Is ...

"In order to be a Brooklyn MC, there's a lot of struggle around you, so a desire to work your way out of that in any way, shape or form is really apparent. You have to want it just as much as the next dude. You can be nice, but somebody can want it more than you, which means that they outwork you.

"Lyrically you have to be nice. Biggie, Jay ... we got too many greats coming out of here to kind of not embody that lyricism and that attitude that is always going to be translated from a Brooklyn MC. You gotta be able to be in Tokyo [yet] we have to be able to know that you're from Brooklyn."

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