'Same Love' Parodies: Watch Vine's Hottest Meme

MTV News takes a look at versions of Macklemore's Best Video with a Message.

The MTV Video Music Awards are all about fun — especially since the party has moved to Brooklyn this year — but the VMAs have a serious side. And that comes in the form of the Best Video with a Message category.

Kelly Clarkson, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Snoop Lion, Miguel and Beyoncé are all nominated in the category — Kelly for her "People Like Us" individuality anthem, M&RS for their "Same Love" gay-rights proclamation, Snoop for his "No Guns Allowed" anti-violence jam, Miguel for his social questions in "Candles In the Sun" and Bey for her empowering UN performance "I Was Here."

But despite all the real and sincere messages going on here, fans were able to find fun in the songs. On Vine, Macklemore's "Same Love" parodies became a meme, with people hijacking the song's first verse and making it their own.

Come along with MTV News while we explore the silly, the awkward and the downright hilarious "Same Love" Vines.

The Vine Famous

Omegan and Jessica Hansen have gotten quite a few followers for filming six-second self-deprecating selfies. So when it came to the "Same Love" parody, it was no different.

The Hairy

MTV's "Catfish" creator Nev Schulman had a big dream when he was in the third grade, and it's come back to haunt him.

The Juicy

Aleyna makes a serious admission. And it's a juicy one.

The 'Full House' Nerd

BlackDaddy has procured quite a following, so when he posted his parody, it blew up the #Samelove hashtag even more, which is followers parodying his parody.

The Hungry

Savanna Eley was a deep thinker as a third-grader. Let her explain.

The Sidekick

Edward Manglicmot thought he was Chewbacca... and still does?