The Weeknd Spikes Lorde's 'Royals' With Soul And Synth: Listen Here

Lorde told MTV News she's a fan of the elusive rapper, now the feeling is mutual.

Moby, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd — what do all of these musicians have in common? They all appear to be hardcore fans of up-and-coming New Zealand musician, Lorde. The Weeknd is the latest to join the singer's "love club," releasing a cover of her number-one single "Royals" ahead of his Kiss Land album drop in September.

When MTV News asked which artists Lorde aspired to be like a few weeks ago, the singer told us, "The Weeknd is really powerful in how they do things and I really like The Weeknd's music," naming Abel Tesfaye as one of her more modern influences.

Tesfaye, apparently, feels the same way, as the artist better known as The Weeknd dropped a cover of Lorde's most popular single this weekend via SoundCloud. Tesfaye gave the track his dark polish, adding a layer of shadow to the anti-consumerism anthem as well as his signature soaring vocals to the refrain.

Tesfaye seems an apt person to cover Lorde, as both entered the music world shrouded in mystery — The Weeknd back in 2010 when he started uploading tracks to the Web anonymously before releasing his debut mixtape, House of Ballons, in 2011, and Lorde, whose music started growing in popularity even when there were no known photos of the singer.

Lorde's debut album, Pure Heroine, drops on September 30, just a few weeks after The Weeknd's major label debut, Kiss Land, which comes out September 10.

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Tesfaye also recently dropped a track from the album titled "Live For," featuring collaborator Drake, which is a funny coincidence, considering Lorde just tweeted praise of the Canadian rapper. Perhaps there's a collaboration in cards for the trio? One can dream.

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