'Kick-Ass 2' Star Reveals The MotherF---er's 'Dark, Twisted Fantasy'

Christopher Mintz-Plasse tells MTV News that his character had nowhere to go but the 'dark side.'

If every good superhero needs a villain, Kick-Ass finally has one. In "Kick-Ass 2," Christopher Mintz-Plasse makes a profound transformation from the would-be hero, Red Mist, into the title character's fiercest adversary, The Motherf---er, and his journey was a complicated one.

"In the first [movie], he's this kid who doesn't understand who is or where he belongs," Mintz-Plasse told MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "When he's got no family to fall back on, when that happens to someone, I feel like you have nowhere to turn but the dark side."

"Kick-Ass 2" follows the first film as Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl struggle to readjust to normal life after starting a revolution of superheroes in a world where they previously didn't exist. As costumed do-gooders proliferate, so too do their foes, now led by Mintz-Plasse's character, whose single-minded pursuit of vengeance prompts him to become the world's first supervillain.

Mintz-Plasse said that writer-director Jeff Wadlow never forgot that the character was still just a kid which produced a uniquely bleak transformation — that also managed to be funny at the same time.

"He just has revenge on his mind, this dark, twisted fantasy of killing Kick-Ass," Mintz-Plasse said. "Which is fantastic, because the costume is so demented and dark, but beneath it is just a 17-year-old boy. And I thought Jeff did a really good job of writing this dark character, but when a young, nerdy character is trying to do that, it's going to be hilarious and twisted at the same time."

"Kick-Ass 2" opens in theaters nationwide Friday, August 16.