Macklemore Wants To Win VMA For The 'Grandkids'

Mack and Ryan Lewis tells MTV News which Moonmen they want to take home.

There are those who boast about their Moonmen, there are those who stay modest — and then there's Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who just want a story to tell the grandchildren.

The duo is up for six awards at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, going head-to-head with Justin Timberlake, who has the same number of nominations. "Thrift Shop" is up for Video of the Year, and "Can't Hold Us" landed nods for Best Hip Hop Video, Best Cinematography, Best Direction and Best Editing. The equality anthem "Same Love" may take home the award for Best Video with a Social Message.

"I would love to win Video of the Year," Macklemore said behind the scenes of their VMA promo. "And 'Same Love' next."

" 'Same Love' I feel like I want to win as a song," Ryan Lewis said. "It's the most meaningful. It's the most important."

No matter how special the song feels to Lewis, he still thinks the "Can't Hold Us" video deserves the ultimate award. "Looking back at those three videos — I mean, 'Can't Hold Us' took three and half months to do — I'd love to get an award for that one."

For Macklemore, he's looking to make his possible VMA win legendary.

"But Video of the Year, uunh, uuunh," Mack grunted, slapping his knee. "Get the grandkids. C'mon! Sit down, Johann. Let me tell ya somethin'."