Ashton Kutcher Was 'Clearly' The Man For 'Jobs': Watch Exclusive Featurette!

In an exclusive featurette, the cast and crew of the biopic explain the actor's dedication to the role of the Apple co-founder.

There's no denying the physical resemblance between Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and the actor playing him in the upcoming biopic, Ashton Kutcher. A few side-by-side comparisons that popped up on the Internet remove any doubt that the "That 70s Show" actor has the look down, but what about the presence?

In this new exclusive featurette about "Jobs," which hits theaters on Friday (August 16), Kutcher's director and castmates describe what it was like to be on set with him during filming and while he was channeling the famed electronics pioneer.

"When I first met Ashton, he already on some level walked in as Steve," director Joshua Michael Stern says. "We clearly knew that this is the man who should play it."

For those who question Kutcher's ability to take on such an immense contemporary role like Steve Jobs, his co-star Josh Gad, who plays Apple's other found Steve Wozniak, says that it's only after you see the film that you'll be absolutely convinced of his portrayal. "Nobody really knows what he is capable of until, I think, they see his performance in this movie," Gad says. "Because you look up and you think you're seeing the man. You think you're hearing this person."

Kutcher himself credits everyone responsible for making "Jobs" for bringing Steve Jobs back to life on the silver screen. "There are some people that are extremely unique to the world," he said. "We all have the same passion to tell a story that really honors this man and that experience."

"Jobs" opens in theaters on August 16.