Watch Icona Pop Play The 'I Love It' Game!

Cronuts, A-Rod, gay marriage, Lindsay Lohan's comeback, Icona Pop tell MTV News whether they love it — or don't care.

Sure, Robin Thicke pretty much has the single of the summer on lock with "Blurred Lines." But Icona Pop's "I Don't Care"
 is a really close second.

We figure you can't get it out of your head, and neither can we, so when MTV News caught up with the bubbly Swedish duo recently we had them play a game we're calling "I Love It/I Don't Care."

The rules were simple: we gave them topics from the news or pop culture, say, A-Rod's suspension, the cronuts craze, the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal or their thoughts on wearing maxi dresses in the summer heat, and they had to give a lighting fast answer of ... oh, you get the idea.

So check out what they had to say about all those topics and more, as well as their thoughts on their new daredevil video
for "Girlfriend" and Thicke's sultry cover
 of "I Love It."