Lady Gaga Leaving The Meat At Home For This Year's VMAs

While she's probably got an out-there outfit planned, this time she's 'cut out poultry.'

Lady Gaga is keeping her lips sealed when it comes to her highly anticipated return to the VMA stage later this month.

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performer stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show, in an interview that aired Tuesday (August 13), and talked a bit about her August 25 performance.

"Would you like to see some diagrams?" she joked when asked about what fans should expect from her VMA performance. But, she did confirm she wouldn't be wearing any meat to this year's show, where she is slated to perform "Applause." "We're narrowing it down. I've cut out the poultry and I've cut out the vegetables, " she said of her outfit. "We're going more with textiles."

With Gaga back on the scene after undergoing hip surgery earlier this year, she opened up about why she decided to name her song "Applause." "It's a little deeper. When I was finishing the [Born This Way] tour, I was physically breaking," she said. "I was in a lot of pain, but didn't know where really. I have a strong threshold for pain, so I kept slapping myself saying, 'Get it together.' The only thing that kept me going was the applause. And I was able to drown out the pain and finish the show."

With less than two weeks until she hits the VMA stage, Gaga admitted that she was ready to drop her new single, "Applause," on Monday, despite having originally intended to drop her lead ARTPOP single on August 19.

"I've actually had this song for a year and it's been killing me," she said. She spoke out against leaks, including the leak of Katy Perry's "Roar," over the weekend and shot down rumors of a rivalry.

"I was really bothered by the media pitting me and Katy Perry against each other because look, we both just happened to want to put our singles out within a week of each other," Gaga said. "And it's not necessarily convenient for everyone and may be a little bit awkward. But we don't need to force feed this negativity into it until everyone explodes. It just turns it in to a competition. And I really like Katy Perry."

In addition to opening up about the project on Seacrest, on Monday evening, the singer dropped a promotional video for her single and November 11 album release.

In it, she wears a clear mask, and looks to camera as headlines like "Lady Gaga is no longer relevant" and "Ever since Born This Way, she's a flop," flash across the screen. She then tells viewers to not buy her new single and not to even dance to it. The video was directed by Inez & Vinoodh, who also directed the "Applause" video, slated for release August 19 on "Good Morning America."

Six days later, Gaga will perform "Applause" live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Other performers at this year's show include Kanye West and Katy Perry.