Lorde Stressing About 'Getting Old' At 16

New Zealand singer has revealed the title of her debut LP, Pure Heroine, along with some very un-teenage neuroses.

There's been a lot of talk about how Lorde, a 16-year-old singer from New Zealand, has the capacity to save music with her expertly spun, wiser-than-her-years, totally offbeat pop tracks. Well, more fuel has just been added to that fire, as her upcoming debut LP, which drops September 30, finally has a name: Pure Heroine.

Lorde Instagrammed the title and cover art Monday, followed up by a tweet reading: "her-o-ine n. 1. a woman noted for courage and daring action. 2. a woman noted for special achievement in a particular field." It's a fitting definition for the young singer, considering Lorde is the first woman in 17 years to top the alternative chart with her single "Royals."

Despite her early success, Lorde admits that she doesn't wholly stand by every track that she's ever written — even songs like "Million Dollar Bills," off of her recent Love Club EP. "I'm the kind of artist that writes something and thinks it's cool for like 48 hours and then hates it," she told MTV News.

Reflecting on the track list for Pure Heroine, however, Lorde touches upon one track, "Ribs," that she still digs — despite her critical and evolving ear.

"A big stress for me is getting old," she said, majorly bumming out anyone and everyone not in the tween demographic. "I'm in an industry where so much importance is placed on the fact that I'm 16.... So that song is kind of about that."

Check out the full Pure Heroine track list below:

» "Tennis Court"

» "400 Lux"



»"Buzzcut Season"

» "Team"

» "Glory And Gore"

» "Still Sane"

»"White Teeth Teens"

» "A World Alone"