Selena Gomez's Stars Dance World Tour Choreography: See Her Moves!

'I think the dancing is what I'm most nervous about because I'm such a perfectionist,' Gomez tells MTV News about her tour.

In just one day Selena Gomez will show her fans what she has been working two months to perfect: her Stars Dance World Tour.

The "Come & Get It" singer kicks off the 56-city global tour on Wednesday and even though she's been rehearsing her songs, wardrobe changes and lighting non-stop, there is one thing she admits she's a bit nervous about come opening night.

"I think the dancing is what I'm most nervous about because I'm such a perfectionist," Gomez said at her final dress rehearsal at Citizen's Bank Arena in Ontario, California. "And two of my best friends are actually on that stage with me that are dancers and have been dancing for years so I want to keep up with them and that's been something that's been challenging. It's great and I feel like I've been working out, which I feel I need to do more of.

Gomez rehearsed for eight hours a day learning all different styles of dance with choreographers Fatima Robinson and Charm, who has worked with several A-list artists including The Black Eyed Peas and other Disney stars like Zendaya and Bella Thorne.

"I think the moves have really just grown with the way her music has grown," Robinson said. "We're just trying to keep up with the times and make her music, like with all artists, make them grow along with their music and she's definitely, definitely had growth with this album."

Charm and Robinson, who say that "Whiplash" and "B.E.A.T" are their favorite numbers, can't take all the credit for moves that will be seen onstage, since Gomez made it a point on this tour to take some control.

"I think the main thing is she has definitely gotten out of the box on this tour and she's been more involved in what the content looks like, what the lighting looks like, what the music is going to sound like," Robinson said. "You know she's picked covers, really great covers. When you come see the show you'll be very surprised to hear her sing some of the songs she's going to sing. Her voice is so amazing on some of these songs. Even I was in shock on how amazing this girl's voice is so it's going to be a great show and it's a lot of surprises in the show."