Big Sean Backs Up Naya Rivera's 'Sorry' Anthem

Detroit MC and 'Glee' star tell MTV News about working together on 'ladies' anthem.'

When "Glee" star Naya Rivera isn't baking pound cakes for her beau, Big Sean, the twosome are cooking up R&B anthems, like Rivera's new single, "Sorry."

Rivera enlisted the Detroit MC to spit some lines about his feelings for her on her single, set to appear on her debut album. "It's a fresh song, right? It's like a ladies' anthem," Sean told MTV News Sunday night at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, where he graced the red carpet with Naya.

"She's like a great musician. Obviously, everybody knows she can sing real good, so I really don't know anything too much about singing like that. I just know what I know about music and what she knows about music and when we combine them we help each other out, so it's cool," he continued.

Well, he knew enough about "singing like that" for Rivera to ask him for some advice while making the track. "A lot of influence. He's been doing this a lot longer than I have professionally, so his advice is priceless," she said. "I'll play him stuff and he'll give me little tweaks. He gave me tweaks on 'Sorry.' "

The song is pretty feisty, with Rivera announcing to the world — and Sean's ex-girlfriends — that she's the woman in his life now. Oh, and by the way, she's actually not sorry about it at all.

"Well when I went on hiatus, I just got in the room with some of my friends that are really good producers and we just sat and listened to tracks and started writing songs. This sort of organically came up and it was something I wanted to talk about," she explained. "It's fun and I think it's a really good representation of the sound that you can expect from me going forward."

She said that the single is "a little taste of something," further noting that "it's definitely part of a bigger collection of songs. I'm working on my album. I don't want to rush that process. It's a very personal process."