Natalie Portman Promises 'Grittier' Tone In 'Thor: The Dark World'

The actress teased a darker look at the Marvel hero at Disney's D23 fan expo.

If the ominous music and talk about the fabric of reality splitting in the "Thor: The Dark World" trailer wasn't already enough evidence for you, Natalie Portman will personally assure you that the upcoming Marvel sequel is a darker affair.

At Disney's fan conference, D23, Portman stopped to talk to MTV News back stage after appearing in front of the arena audience in Anaheim, California. She dished about the new mood that the sequel will cast over Thor and her character, Jane Foster, when it hits theaters on November 8.

"I think this movie is certainly grittier," she said.

Portman gives a lot of credit for that new feel of the film to the real locations director Alan Taylor shot the movie in, including Iceland. "They shot a lot of the locations in real places," she said. "A lot of the villains' world was shot in Iceland, so it's got more of a realistic feel than something that was made on a computer. It's still got a lot of wonder and humor, but it's also got a darker tone as well."

Both the humor and the darker tone that Portman spoke about were on display during Marvel's D23 panel. Studio president Kevin Feige took the stage to present the sizzle reels from San Diego Comic-Con, along with new clips from both "Thor: The Dark World" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

In the new clip from "Thor: The Dark World," Jane Foster lies on a table, under examination by the health experts of Asgard. It appears that something powerful has infected her body and will forcefully keep others from tampering with it or its hold over Jane. When two Argardian guards attempt to pull Jane off the table, they're thrown backwards by an unseen force.

"Thor: The Dark World" opens in theaters on November 8.