Who's Kissing The Wanted In 'We Own The Night'? Nathan Sykes Explains!

Boy bander tells MTV News how things got a 'little carried away' between Max George and a 72-year-old.

When the time came to shoot the video for "We Own the Night," the Wanted knew the only way to perfectly encapsulate the feel-good vibe of the party track was to head to the pub and drink the night away.

The video follows the guys on a night out as they flirt, carouse and laugh. And that's exactly the kind of music video this boy band likes to make.

"We shot it in London, we just hired out a pub and got a load of friends and lot of people that we know and had a lot of fun that day. We like to have fun on our videos," Nathan Sykes told MTV News about the video. "We don't like doing videos that are boring."

And while they exchange kisses with a few lucky young ladies, Max George also shared a liplock with an older partygoer, much to his surprise.

"This video we really just wanted to go back to being the Wanted and have a video along the lines of 'Glad You Came,' which is all about having a lot of fun with a load of good-looking girls, which is awesome," Sykes said. "And we wanted to make it like the local pub. We've got this lady there ... I think she was 72 and she liked snogged Max at one point. So it's a real fun video. We all worked really hard to make sure it's a video we wanted and I think we've got it. It's a lot of fun."

Sykes continued, "No one even told her to and maybe [she] got slightly carried away and had one too many shandies and just like went for it and the whole place just went up in tears. He loved it. He got involved. We've kept in contact with her, she's amazing," he said.

"We Own the Night" is the latest single off the boy band's September 17 album, Word of Mouth. And much like the video celebrates British pub culture, the guys also wanted to ensure that the song also pays homage to their homeland with just the right flourishes.

"[We wanted to] make it a lot more chantey and make it very feel-good and I think we were able to do that. And we wanted to add a real British feel to it and so we added in the bag pipes," he explained.