Katy Perry's 'Roar' Lyrics Video Is Super Text-y

Perry gets emoji-nal in the new video for her Prism single.

Katy Perry went full retro tween for the artwork for her single "Roar" — plastering an image of herself with Lisa Frank-esque flair. But for the lyrics video for the single itself, she "taps" into 2013 teen culture — literally. The whole clip is composed of texts and artfully arranged emojis.

"Roar" is the first single off of Perry's upcoming album, Prism, which drops in October. The singer has been teasing the album and single for weeks — rolling a gold-plated Prism semi-truck around town, dropping a kitten-packed teaser for "Roar" and throwing a funeral for her "Teenage Dream" persona after setting her "California Gurls" wig on fire. The takeaway from all this gold-plated fanfare? Apparently, the candy-coated Katy Perry of old is dead, and a new, darker iteration is set to take over.

"Roar" is primed to be the first taste of this new sound/persona — an "I am woman, hear me roar"/"Eye of the tiger" jam that's perfect for scoring any and all fighting montages on the cinematic horizon.

In the lyrics video, however, Perry chooses to text rather than flex. The vid features a lengthy text conversation between a passel of friends, typing out the lyrics to the song via words and emojis. A woman — seemingly Perry — wields the phone, tapping out the jam while doing mundane activities like eating, rolling in the passenger side of her best friend's ride and, um, something that 75 percent of Americans are also guilty of.

Perry dropped the video on the same day (August 12) that her Prism truck hit New York City, where the contents of the semi were revealed: the pop star herself! The singer exited the truck to the cries of her loyal Katy Cats outside the Z100 offices in Tribeca, and took snaps with her fans.