Katy Perry And Lady Gaga Bro Down, Put The A-POP-Calypse On Hold

Gaga and Katy worked overtime this weekend to put rumors of a feud to rest.

Has the a-POP-calypse been averted?

It seems that no matter how much the media want to pit them against each other, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are determined to keep things copacetic ... as they spent the weekend bonding over the leaks of their respective singles, professing their mutual admiration, and calling for an end to the sparring between their fervent fanbases.

Yes, it was basically like the Camp David Accords, only with less Jimmy Carter.

It all started when Gaga learned that a snippet of her comeback single "Applause" had hit the 'net, setting off a string of ALL CAPS missives ("YOU JUST COULDNT WAIT THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ONE SATURDAY") and threats to leakers out there. Of course, she took solace in the fact that Katy was currently suffering through a similar situation — her new single, "Roar," leaked in full — and decided to extend an olive branch to her supposed foe.

Gaga also began tweeting a series of messages aimed at quelling the conflict that had been brewing between her Little Monsters and Perry's Katy Cats, pointing out that, despite their differences, both fanbases were united by their passions. And that sentiment struck a chord with Katy, who retweeted one of LG's messages to her fans.

And so far, all this reaching across the aisle seems to be working: the Monsters and the 'Cats are embracing each other, and calling for an end to their bloggy battles.

But can this fragile peace remain intact? We'll find out over the next few weeks ... "Roar" was released on Monday, and Gaga's "Applause" is set to drop in a week. Oh, and then there's the matter of their respective albums, Prism and ARTPOP, both of which hit stores within a three week span later this year ... so, while the a-POP-calypse may have been put on the back burner for now, we suspect things could ramp back up to DEFCON 1 status shortly. Don't get out of the bomb shelter just yet.