Justin Timberlake Went All In For Macklemore’s Fro-Yo Date

Whose toppings were better? Macklemore gives MTV News the scoop.

While touring the world in support of their hit album The Heist, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have found themselves in the company of iconic stars like Justin Timberlake, whom Macklemore just happened to enjoy a very special frozen yogurt date with recently.

Last month, Macklemore shared a photo of himself and Justin Timberlake on Instagram with the caption, “Me & Justin getting Froyo in London. Crunch Berries and Gummi Bears. This guy goes in.” The Seattle rapper told MTV News that he wasn’t kidding about the dessert date or about Justin’s sweet tooth, going on to detail what they each ordered when they hung out.

“I just got low-fat, low-carb fro-yo with no topping, but Justin got heavy whipping cream on top of his fro-yo with gummy bears, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, the worms, M&M’s and peanut butter cups,” he joked.

Clearly there was no competition for who ended up with the better treat but Macklemore wasn’t sweating it. “His tasted better. I was definitely in fighting shape,” he added.

Embedded from instagram.com.