Icona Pop Hop Train To Dangerville For ‘Girlfriend’ Video

'We were kind of brave, we would have to say,' says singer Caroline Hjelt of the train-hopping shoot.

“We were kind of brave, we would have to say,” flame-haired Icona Pop singer/keyboard player Caroline Hjelt told MTV News about the Swedish duo’s daring, stunt-filled shoot for their new single, “Girlfriend.”

“We were a little cocky,” added bandmate Aino Jawo. “And sometimes the train … because it was moving [side-to-side] and we were really jumping on it, so it was a bit scary, but we were in good hands.”

The clip finds the “I Love It” 
 pair tearing through the California desert “Thelma & Louise” outlaw style, hopping on a freight train and lip-synching the song, which lifts a chorus from Jay Z and Beyoncé’s “03′ Bonnie & Clyde.”

Hjelt said both women got a little method and really dug into their roles, which helped them forget about the danger aspect. “So we felt like we were really on the run,” she said. “That’s how we feel sometimes, it’s us against the world.” They didn’t go so far as to make up characters for the shoot, instead just playing slightly more outlaw versions of themselves.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.