'Usher Don't Do' What Cee Lo Green Does On 'The Voice'

'To be honest, I don't know how hot it was, in comparison,' Green says of season four.

Cee Lo Green is feeling "no pressure" coming back to his "Voice" swivel chair for season five.

Usher and Shakira filled in while he was gone, winning over fans on the hit reality competition and helping catapult the show to #1 status. But despite the fanfare around his now-predecessors, Green reveals his skepticism on "RapFix Live" during his visit with the Goodie Mob.

"To be honest, I don't know how hot it was, in comparison," Green said. "I really do believe that in like all honesty that the original chemistry and cast is incomparable and irreplaceable," referring to the original foursome that includes Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

While Usher was touted for his charm and unorthodox coaching techniques, including making his team sing while boxing to build stamina, Green says, "I don't really feel no pressure because I'm bringing my own brand of personality and entertainment and, you know what I'm saying like, eccentricity and all of that kind of, all that good stuff back into the mix of it."

The "Forget You" singer became known on the show for selecting out-of-the-box artists to join his team, his affinity for pretty girls, and his unique pets including Purrfect the cat and his pink parrot, both of whom he stroked during confessionals.

According to Green, there is no competition between him and the R&B crooner, "Usher don't do what I do ... from my recollection there's an awful lot of variety of people who miss what I brought to the show but if I'd had shared that seat with anybody it would've been Usher ... That's our baby brother."

With the success of all six coaches, "The Voice" producers have decided to swap coaches season-to-season. While Levine and Shelton remain permanent fixtures, Green and Xtina will coach during season five and Usher, Shakira will return for season six, a plan Green calls "pretty doable."

Season five of "The Voice" is set to premiere September 23.