Katy Perry Gets All Lisa Frank For 'Roar' Artwork

Katy just revealed the artwork for her new single, and it would look awesome on a Trapper Keeper.

Katy Perry may have spent the past week [article id="1711741"]burning[/article] — and [article id="1711802"]burying[/article] — her past in preparation for her new single [article id="1711932"]"Roar,"[/article] but when it comes to the artwork for said single, she's taking a different approach.

Rather than symbolically destroying her past, she's embracing it ... choosing an image that recalls nothing quite so much as the work of school-supply queen Lisa Frank, the woman who ruled the '80s and '90s with her neon-colored, animal-inspired designs (here's a quick primer for the uninitiated). And yes, given that she attended school during this era, we're assuming Katy was a big fan.

Okay, mostly, we're getting Frank-ian vibes from the bright, tiger-striped border, but her bad-ass Japanese silk Sukajan jacket — with embroidered tiger — isn't far off. Slap this thing on a Trapper Keeper and we'd be having some serious sixth-grade flashbacks ... though, if we're being honest, we do think the image could benefit from some decoupage fruit or a unicorn, but hey, we're purists.

Anyway, as you are no doubt aware, "Roar" is the first single off Perry's hotly-anticipated [article id="1711540"]Prism[/article] album, and she'll premiere the track in full on Monday (August 12). She's already given her fans a [article id="1711932"]sneak peek[/article] at the song via a teaser clip that features (what else?) a cat.

Perry's been promoting her new album with a gold-plated 18-wheeler, which is currently driving cross country for reasons not entirely clear ... though, with the debut of the "Roar" artwork, at least we have an idea of [article id="1711568"]what may be inside[/article]: sheet upon sheet of untarnished Lisa Frank stickers. We should know because we have most of them.