John Mayer And Katy Perry Are Having No Trouble In Paradise Valley

Newly reunited couple has a duet on Mayer's new record, which also features a collaboration with Frank Ocean.

John Mayer hinted at a reunion with ex-girlfriend Katy Perry when he dedicated a song to the singer at his tour-opening show in July. Since then, the duo have confirmed the fact that they're back together — which is good timing, considering Perry is featured on Mayer's upcoming sixth studio album, Paradise Valley.

According to Rolling Stone, the title of the Perry-tinged track is "Who You Love," a fitting moniker for a song featuring the newly mended couple. Rumors of a reunion started flying at last month's show at Milwaukee's Marcus Amphitheatre, where Mayer praised Perry for taking the time "to continue to get know me and love me" after his throat surgery.

Perry confirmed that things were not platonic between the pair at the "Smurfs 2" premiere where she told Extra, "We're doing a lot of collaborating" — a statement accompanied by more than a few winks.

But that doesn't apply to Perry's new record, Prism, which drops in October. "He is not, actually," she told E! News when asked whether Mayer will be featured on the record.

Mayer's relationship with Perry is not the only one being rekindled. After working with Mayer on "Pyramids," Frank Ocean is returning the favor, appearing on Paradise Valley in a track called "Wildfire."

"I love Frank [Ocean]'s stuff," Mayer told Rolling Stone at the beginning of the year. "Frank is such an interesting, deep, touched, wonderful guy. They don't make a lot of other Frank Oceans, and the guy is looking for another."

Mayer previously released a lyrics video for "Wildfire," an iteration that doesn't seem to include Frank Ocean.

Despite the presence of Taylor Swift breakup track "Paper Doll" in the mix, it's looking as though Paradise Valley will be replete with good vibes all around.