Beyonce's New Short 'Do Nets Some Hairy Reactions

Queen Bey's fans don't know whether to cheer or curl up and 'go die now.'

The Twittersphere suffered a quick kick to the shins today when news hit that effectively shook the mundanity out of this mid-summer Thursday: Beyoncé, oh she of those honey gold, flowing locks, has gone pixie. Pixie cut, that is.

Queen Bey revealed her drastic new look via Instagram early Thursday morning (August 8), posting three snaps — sans captions — featuring her short, bleach-blonde cut. Each pic earned the singer around 10,000 comments and hundreds of thousands of likes. When you dig down into the responses on Twitter, however, the reaction is pretty much mixed.

Some fans reacted with humor, masking their pain over the loss of Bey's locks with memes, like the one below, which incorporates Gotye's no-longer ubiquitous jam, "Somebody That I Used to Know." Others went for a more direct, guttural reaction — like @ParBieber, who tweeted: "Beyonce cut her hair....... Imma go die now."

Another contingent of the concerned was a bit more enterprising, wondering how to get their hands on a strand of the pop star's hair. "ok so where do i bid on Beyoncé's hair," tweeted @laurenaquilina, while others, like @ByeDavid_92, coyly questioned the veracity of Bey's locks: "Now that Beyonce got short hair weave sales are gona drop!"

Despite derision, however, Beyoncé's loyal Bey Hive has promised to stand beside her, with fans like @_bjw_ tweeting, "Beyonce is BEAUTIFUL with a short cut, long hair, curly, straight or a damn afro ... so my question is why are yaw hatin?" and Twitterers like @Iwonthisrace wondering: "How many females called their Hair Stylist to get that new Beyonce cut?"

Beyonce Goes Pixie: Check Out Her New 'Do!

Bey is certainly in good company when it comes to short-haired singers with platinum locks, as @So_hiLARRYous tweets with a wink and nod to Miley Cyrus: "Beyonce cut her hair short word? That mean she dropping a twerk video today. Ill be on break then."

By all accounts, it seems the verdict is still out when it comes to world's general readiness to embrace Bey's new 'do. Her hairdresser, Kim Kimble, appears to be a fan, as evidenced by the tweet below. However, her tweet — in which she reveals she had nothing to do with the new look — opens up a whole new mysterious can of worms. If Kimble didn't wield the shears, who did?

Weigh in on Beyoncé's close-cropped look — as well as who you think is responsible for the transformation — in the comments below.