Are Steve Aoki's Cake-Throwing Days Over?

The DJ is known for throwing cakes into the crowd at every show, but he tells MTV News he may have to take a break.

There is no bigger fan of Marie Antoinette's "let them eat cake" quote than Steve Aoki. The phrase is plastered on his Dim Mak tank tops for Forever 21 and actual cake is plastered on lucky fans at every show he plays.

But repercussions come with throwing large sheet cakes into the crowd every other night. For those who are covered in cake, they remain sticky for the rest of the evening, and for the producer, he's currently suffering from strain in his shoulder and arm. While at Belgium's Tomorrowland festival, Aoki explained what exactly was going on with his injury.

"I've thrown out my arm throwing so many cakes. I'm not kidding, I've f---ing thrown out my arm," said Aoki, who is left-handed. "I can't really do many arm tricks. I need to, like, rest and recover and build muscle in my shoulder."

This was on Friday. On Sunday, Dim Mak's faithful leader took Tomorrowland's main stage to close out the festival by throwing cakes in a way the superstar DJ never has before. Jumping on a small circular platform in the middle of a crowd of tens of thousands thick, Aoki rose 20 feet in the air with a cake resting on each arm. With his long, flowing locks and his arms out straight, he embodied a sort of "Cake Jesus" vibe. From above, he showered those below with some cake love.

Since then, Aoki has gifted cake on crowds from Spain to Canada with no end because, as he put it, he's "always on tour." All we can say is: Careful, Steve.