YOLO! Drake Gets Grad-Speech Makeover

Founder of pro-education project Undroppable Jason Pollock schools kids on 'Drakeisms' and tells MTV News why.

Ever since Drake brought “YOLO” into the lexicon in 2011 via his song “The Motto,” teens and adults alike have adopted the acronym — “You Only Live Once” — as an excuse to do dumb things with zero consequences. Director Jason Pollock, however, recently redefined — or, rather, clarified — its meaning during a Drake-themed high school graduation speech that pumped the kids up almost as much as Drizzy himself could.

Pollock, creator of a social media project calledUndroppable that seeks to curb high school dropout rates, went to Schenectady High School at the end of June to unleash his Drake-inspired wisdom. Pollock is currently compiling videos featuring kids from high schools around the country for inclusion in a documentary produced by Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and “Anchorman 2″ writer/director Adam McKay.

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